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Eljoy Bikes is situated in Varna, Bulgaria. We started making our first bicycle over 5 years ago from the ground up with one idea in mind; climbing a hill with ease. Today this idea has taken another form. Our bikes are being ridden around Europe by people of all ages, winning first e-bike races and adding tens of thousands of kilometers of traveling experiences. We love electric bikes and we dedicate our passion to build our bicycles according to needs that our current world stands for ; clean environment, faster commuting, safer batteries and ease of use. We use our expertise and passion to build what our customers value the most; quality, safety, customization and precision. Our frames are hand painted, our batteries hand assembled as well as our bicycles. We treat every bicycle that we assemble with great care along with the understanding that we are not building an object. We are building a friend, a member of the family.

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