Eljoy Revolution 5.0

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Complete control. Complete package. Complete integration.

Revolution is a strong word. One that signals a great change. This is what Revolution has done. Complete integration of the cables and battery into a sleek hand painted frame. Look at it from the side and you would think it’s not an e-bike. Make no mistake though, is a fast 29’er with 9 speeds, clean cockpit, aggressive looks and great control. It’s 500w peak power when accelerating* is excellent for fast burst to it’s top speed. When it comes to stopping power, Revolution comes as standard with Shimano Hydraulic brakes paired with an 180mm disk in the front and 160mm in the back. All in an easy to service package.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for a Revolution!

*The bike is limited to 25km/h for onroad use. To unlock for offroad use contact Eljoy Bikes. Use this feature responsibly.

At this point the shipping will be made 3-4 weeks after the order is made.

Мотор Bafang, 250W номинална мощност, вграден в задната главина, 500W пикова мощност
Помагане 5 степени на подпомагане
Регулатор Вграден в рамката
Дисплей Цветен TFT дисплей
Батерия 36V, 500Wh Li-Ion, асемблирана в България от Eljoy
Сензор PAS сензор и сензор за скорост
Скорост Скорост на подпомагане до 25 км/час
Разстояние В зависимост от използваната степен на подпомагане и външните условия: до 142km
Рамка Алуминий 6061, Размер M (44cm) и L (48cm)
Гуми Continental Mountain King 29x2.4

28/29 инча, алуминиеви, двойностенни с кабзи за по-големи натоварвания. Главина Joytech

Вилка SR Suntour Raidon, Air, 100mm
Предавки Заден дерайльор Shimano Deore Shadow+ (1x10 скорости)
Спирачки Хидравлични дискови спирачки Shimano Deore 180/160mm
Тегло 21 кг
Цвят По избор, прахово боядисване от Елджой

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